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What Sets Us Apart

The Voyage to a Lifetime of Smiles!

At Little Stars Dentistry of Miami Shores, our goal is to help every patient achieve a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles that allow their confidence to shine!

We provide advanced pediatric dental and orthodontic care, tailored to each person’s unique needs. We’re honored to be part of patients’ journeys, guiding and supporting them to their best smile, and teaching them how to keep it healthy, for life!

Healthy Smiles, Healthy Bodies

Our Pediatric Dentists Dr. Jimmy Stewart, Dr. Sandrine Riboul and Dr. Luis J. Rodriguez, our orthodontist, along with our team, are passionate about oral health.

We believe pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care are important parts of overall wellness: we want everyone to have optimal oral health, as well as a healthy body and a great smile. Using advanced techniques and technology, along with the essential personal touch, we provide care that keeps people smiling!

Why Choose Little Stars Dentistry of Miami Shores?

  • We make visits fun! With an exciting underwater voyage theme and friendly doctors and staff, we keep patients entertained.
  • We offer leading-edge treatment! Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics are continually evolving. Our doctors and team stay current on advancements in oral healthcare, so patients receive the ideal treatment for their needs.
  • We’re all about comfort! We know the happiest patients, and healthiest smiles, start with patients feeling comfortable and safe in our care. We’ve designed the practice with that in mind and have created a welcoming, engaging space.
  • We provide excellent customer care! Every patient has specific concerns, whether with their schedule, budget, or something else. We’re respectful of those concerns and very flexible, making it easy for people to receive the care they need.

Complimentary Consultations

We’re ready to start your voyage to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles; if you’re ready, book your complimentary consultation, at our Miami Shores, FL office, today!